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BoreGuardTM  information

Sacrificial Anodes for Bore Heads, pumps, casings and riser pipes

Anode-Tech  produce a range of "BoreGuard" anodes  that suit  bores, bore heads, pumps, casings & riser pipes .

For the first time ever…a truly effective preventative barrier against destructive corrosion made possible by the development of new super efficient anodes.

The use of these new highly efficient, dedicated anodes, specifically designed to effectively protect bore heads, casing and risers from the costly ravages of rust will potentially save $millions by doubling or even trebling the working lives of bores.

Two kits are involved:- a “Ground Bed (Bagged) Anode” kit to be buried adjacent to the bore head and a “Lower Casing Kit” for attachment to the riser pipes.

With the "BoreGuards" being consumed by rust, thus saving your bore pipes, they will require regular inspection and replacement for that protection to be ongoing. The timing and replacement will vary according to specific conditions.

Lower Casing Kit

The adjacent illustration shows the installation of one of the anodes supplied in the “Lower Casing Kit” to a   riser pipe. The anode is specifically designed to fit in a confined area between the bore casing and the riser     pipe and requires only approximately 25mm of space.


 What are anodes and how do they work?
Sacrificial anodes have been in common usage in a multitude of applications for many years. They protect all ships at sea and above ground pipelines,boilers, hot water heaters and generally steel structures immersed in water or damp soil conditions where corrosion could be a problem.

The corrosion (rust) is the result of electrolytic action travelling through moisture or fluid to home in on the metal surface at risk. Depending upon the existing conditions such as amount and quality of the fluid (water?) and the effective presence of any other protective coating on the metal surface, the rate of anode corrosion can vary substantially.

For fresh and groundwater applications our anodes are of a particular grade of magnesium which is "electro-negative relative to steel" which means that they will attract the destructive electrolytic action on to themselves. This type of galvanic protection is called sacrificial and the principle of electrolytic corrosion control is called cathodic protection. Because cathodic surfaces cannot rust,the steel surface is protected.


 "BoreGuard" Kits Available 


Part No.  BAG265M2


Part No.  AUG1500M2 

Ground Bed (Bagged) Anode Kit.

Protects the bore head and upper body of the riser tube and metal bore casing. The standard kit contains 1only 65mm x 265mm anode packaged in a calico bag backfilled with a  Bentonite/Gypsum mix, with a connection through a 3 metre PVC  copper cable securely attached to the anode core and the joint encased in a polyethylene heat shrink sleeve.

Lower Casing Kit.

Protects the main body of the riser tube as well as any  metal bore casing.
Each Kit comprises of two only 21mm x 1500mm extruded magnesium sacrificial anodes complete with attached end mounting brackets and stainless steel mounting clamps to enable them to be attached to the riser pipe.

"BoreGuard" Magnesium and aluminium anodes are made from "Galvomag TM" the established World standard for quality in the cathodic protection industry.

"BoreGuard" Custom made kits can be made to suit your bore. Anode kits are designed to install easily on most casings, pumps & riser pipes, with detailed installation instructions supplied with every kit.

 Insist on the finest and most efficient protection available for your bore.

"BoreGuard" anodes conform to Australian Standard AS2239.

This standard advises that the by-products of magnesium anodes commonly used in “potable water applications”  are non-toxic.


There is an Anode-Tech Sacrificial Anode available for: 

  •  Steel hulled freshwater craft

  •  Underground storage tanks

  •  Squatters tanks

  •  Rainwater tanks

  •  Stock troughs

  •  Bores

  •  Water heaters & boilers

  •  Structural steelwork

  •  Underground pipelines

  •  Metal sheds


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Anodes manufactured. Can custom make to order. Supply Australia wide.