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HullGuardTM  information

Sacrificial Anodes for Houseboats, Cruisers
Pontoons, Hulls and Pylons

Anode-Tech  produce a range of "HullGuard" anodes  that suit  houseboats, cruisers, pontoons and hulls in fresh water . Anodes for sea water also available

How Effective is your boat's Electrolysis Protection?

If you are still using the old fashioned and inefficient cast magnesium Anodes, the answer would have to be........"not very"

Why wouldn't you install the World's most efficient anodes to protect your investment particularly if that efficiency is available for no extra cost?              Throughout the world there has been a massive swing over to "extruded" magnesium sacrificial anodes from the old standard "cast" ones because of their resultant immense increase in efficiency. This increased efficiency comes through the far greater "purity" of the extruded material than foundries are able to achieve with normal casting methodology....up to 70% greater!

This is just what you don't want to see on your pontoons or hull.
That's what electrolysis looks like!

And this is the reason why you could. Nearly 40% of this typical cast anode was consumed through internal corrosion of its own impurities....this was not available to protect the boat from electrolysis.

A modern extruded magnesium boat anode ready to protect your expensive asset.  EBA333M2

The same anode.....years later and still showing a completely even material consumption

"HullGuard" Kits Available  (Freshwater applications only)


Model No.  EBA333M2 


65mm x 333mm Pontoon and hull anodes.
Complete with tapered ends and mounting brackets.
Model No.  EBA122M2  65mm x 122mm Engine pod anodes.  
Complete with tapered ends and mounting brackets.
Model No. EBA40M2
Rudder anodes  EBA40M2


65mm x 20mm Rudder anodes.  
Complete with  mounting bolts, nuts & washers. 
Mounted one each side of rudder to minimize water drag  

"HullGuard" magnesium anodes are made from "Galvomag TM" the established World standard for quality in the cathodic protection industry

"HullGuard" anodes are designed to interchange with the mounting points provided on your boat for the old anodes.
If not  suitable anodes anodes can be provided to match.   If bolt size and bolt spacing measurements are given , the replacement anodes can be pre drilled  ready to fit.     Insist on the finest and most efficient protection.
Contact John,  details below. 

"HullGuard" anodes conform to Australian Standard AS2239.

This standard advises that the by-products of magnesium anodes commonly used in “potable water applications”  are non-toxic.

There is an Anode-Tech Sacrificial Anode available for: 

  •  Steel hulled freshwater craft

  •  Underground storage tanks

  •  Squatters tanks

  •  Rainwater tanks

  •  Stock troughs

  •  Bores

  •  Water heaters & boilers

  •  Structural steelwork

  •  Underground pipelines

  •  Metal sheds


To order or for further product details  contact John  at-

Anode-Tech Advanced Technology

 Mobile: 0408 866 925


Anodes manufactured. Can custom make to order. Supply Australia wide.

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