MetalGuard – Bagged Sacrificial Anodes

Bagged Sacrificial Anodes for Bores, Bore heads, Casings,
Tanks, Under Ground Tanks, Pipes, Sheds or any Metal structures.


Model EBA265M2 Bagged Anode
applies to any metal structures and external tank protection.



Ideal for tanks, bores, bore heads, casings and external protection of all types of metal structures above and below ground level.


Instructions: Detailed assembly and installation instructions are provided with each kit.

“M2” Standard Potential Extruded magnesium anodes

Oxidation Potential: 1.4 – 1.5 volts (with respect to a copper-copper sulphate reference anode)
Current Capacity: 1102 – 1212 ampere hours per kg in the ASTM Standard G97 test.
Anode Consumption: Aluminium: 2.5 -3.5                                Manganese: 0.20 – 1.0
Zinc: 0.7 – 1.3 max                                  Ca: 0.04 max
Si: 0.05 max                                            Copper: 0.01 max
Nickel: 0.001 max                                    Iron: 0.002 max
Total other impurities: 0.30 max
Other Impurities Each: 0.001                  Magnesium: Balance
Core: Steel Core running lengthwise through its centre


Anode Life: The life of the anode will vary through differing factors such as soil type, soil moisture, water quality and the quality of the surface being protected.

Replacement: It is recommended that your anode be inspected and replaced when more than 50% of its central wire core is exposed through corrosion. Bagged anodes are normally replaced after approx 10 years.

Application: MetalGuard Bagged Anodes are recommended for use with any in ground metal structure, in new and existing tanks and bore applications.

Consumption of anodes through corrosion means that they are doing their job correctly!


MetalGuard bagged anodes conform to Australian Standard AS2239. This standard advises that the by-products of magnesium anodes commonly used in “potable water applications” are non-toxic.